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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> special coverage starts right now on america's election ahead quarters. good evening and welcome to a special edition of america's election headquarters, i'm bret baier. >> i'm megyn kelly, we are less than 48 hours away from the first poll closings that will determine who the next president of the united states will be. the two candidates are crisscrossing the nation hoping to lock in support in key states and this race could not get any tighter. the real clear politics average, that's an average of 11 national polls, has president obama leading by just 1/2 a point over governor romney. over the next hour we will have analysis from chris wallace and brit hume, both have covered elections for decades. >> well, we will also check in
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with charles krauthammer on the trajectory of the race in the final days, but we begin with fox team coverage. steve brown is in the key swing state of o-o as is chief white house correspondent ed henry travelling with the president on his four states tour and chief political correspondent carl cameron is with mitt romney as he barn storms across battle ground states as well. let's begin with carl. >> with crowds chanting two more days, mitt romney began his final 48 hour sprint with a rally in des moines, iowa and a promise not to redistribute the wealth as the president did. >> we have a promise to redistribute and retain the growth of government. >> the president has a tiny edge in the ohio race, at a rally could lead to a double
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dill recession. >> unless we change course, we could looking at recession. >> we know a long days, quite a few short nights and now we're that close. the door to a brighter future is there, it's open, it's waiting for us, i need your vote, i need your help. >> next stop, pennsylvania. where romney has closed a double digit gap and thinks he can score a surprise come from behind pick up amid a blizzard of statistically tied polls and battle ground state obama camp is dismissive. >> they're looking for somewhere, desperately looking for somewhere to dislodge electoral votes to win this election and i can tell you that's not going to happen. >> these polls are like nailing jello to a tree and they're all over the place and going to see polls different in each state by each day. independents are going to decide the race in all of these states. governor romney statistically leads among independents. >> romney will start the morning in florida, campaign
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in ohio, virginia and wrap up in new hampshire. mr. obama has an advantage in new hampshire and no one knows how it will end tuesday night. >> thank you. >> president obama's campaign is focusing on voter turnout and heavily relying on a familiar face to bring back memories of better days, ed henry joins us live from cincinnati. ed? >> good morning, megan. call it the bubba bailout, president clinton in a final frenetic push. >> right down to fleetwood mac's anthem that bill clinton rode to the white house twice, president obama is cribbing from the play book. >> everybody is playing by the same rules, that's why you believe, you elected bill clinton in '92 and you elected me. >> a mad presidential dash as he went to battle ground from frigid new hampshire, stevie
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wonder and florida with singer pit bull. the obama camp is confident its ground game will carry the day, in private they're edgy about the battle grounds being so tight they're pushing back on mitt romney's of change. >> we know what change is, and what governor romney is offering ain't it. >> and calling the first obama campaign a fairy tale, but crisscrossed the nation. >> the only clinton working harder than him is our secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> while the original comeback kid may also be collecting chits for his wife in 2016, if mr. obama beats romney it may be because of clinton's coat tails. >> that he opposed what he clearly opposed then he would be offered a job as chief contortionist of cirque du
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soleil. >> and fumbled an an attack. >> the ad that shows president clinton's bankrupted chrysler. >> when i was a kid and got my hand caught in a cookie jar and strugged my shoulders and took the hand out of the cookie jar, he's grabbing for more cookies. >> democrats have been trying to downplay mitt romney's charge into pennsylvania, saying a desperate attempt for a 20 electoral votes. it turns out the obama camp is sending bill clinton in four stops, and more nervous about bevel than they're letting on. >> thank you. >> might be a cookie jar there. >> and steve brown is looking at early voting numbers and residents have been inundated with ads and visits from both candidates throughout the election cycle. >> hello ohio. >> 83 campaign visits to ohio and counting, says the
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columbus dispatch. from both campaigns this year, a sign of how critical ohio is. but president obama winning 18 electoral college votes could seal up a second term. for republican challenger mitt romney, ohio is do or die. and 1.6 million votes are in, either in person or paper absentees, with early voting continuing through the weekend and monday, that number will grow. both sides say that's an advantage to the obama campaign which expects to win the early vote. >> not getting as much attention are the efforts to assist the romney campaign get out the vote particularly with christian conservatives including roman catholics, a group of home school taught teens canvassing, targeting so-called values voters. >> that's why i encourage you to vote for mitt romney. >> statistics say evangelicals that didn't vote, and we were trying to get votes to those
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niche groups and making sure that they get out and make their voices heard. >> and even this late in ohio there are still undecides. >> and as they try to attack each other, i don't like that, so it makes, makes it kind of confusing. >> and not sure who i really want to give my actual vote to. it's a big decision, i feel, they both have good points. >> pro romney forces here in ohio note that they have a couple of advantages, one that they win election day, and while they concede they will not win the early vote and they believe they've identified christian conservative groups working here, 300,000 ohio voters who didn't turn out in 2008, and they're rapidly trying to get them to the polls. bret. >> steve brown live in columbus, thanks. >> speaking of the state of ohio want to get over to the billboard with my colleague bill hemmer for a look at ohio and the other key battle ground states at that will
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decide this election. how about that? >> how you doing? good evening to you and bret here. back on the billboard we are, better and improved every year we go through this and steve brown was just there in franklin county, columbus,ohio and spent the last two weekends in ohio trying to get a sense of what's happening on the ground. what i want to show viewers tonight was back in 2008, red is republican, blue is democrat on the map. and here in ohio, the president was a winner, okay? you look at the counties here and you try and get a comparison, between 2008 and 2004, watch what happens on the maps, subtle movements between 2008 and 2004. all right, what changed? very hard to pick up here, but watch down here in the southwestern part of the state. that's 2008, this is 2004. and that's hamilton county went from red to blue. all right, this is a county that george bush won by 6 points, watch what happened in 2008 in the same part of the state, barack obama was 8 point winner that's 14 point
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swing in a county that had not gone democratic in some 40 years, so, tuesday night we'll be watching hamilton county to see what kind of vote margin we get here, there's so much to talk about this state. point out one other quick thing here, you must mention cuyahoga county, this is cleveland, ohio. the number of votes the president picked um last tight. more than 900,000 of 5 1/2 or 6 million cast and see whether or not he can match that number, do better than, or whether mitt romney can keep the numbers down. what-if map here, what truly matters across the country, 11 battle ground states marked in gray here and if you live in one of these states you know you've been hammered by the ads throughout the past six months or so, but as we mention, steve brown they're in ohio just for good measure, both the president and the governor go back to ohio tomorrow, they'll be in columbus, ohio, and franklin county, the heart of it all to wrap things up in about 48
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hours from now and start filling in the board and see what we get. >> bill hemmer live at the billboard. >> and looks like it's ready. >> bill boyd and i felt like edith bunker for a minute there, over at the bill-boyd. >> okay. >> do you remember? >> i do. >> ♪ the way glenn miller-- >> don't have to sing. >> all righty, when we return, brit hume and chris wallace on the closing arguments from each candidate in the final hours of the 2012 election. >> that's ahead live from america's election headquarters, just two days away from the day, november 6th. customer erin swenson bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy.
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♪ hah
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>> my conviction that better days are ahead are not based on rhetoric, but on proven
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results, i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership, america is going to come roaring back. >> governor romney is a very talented salesman, so in this campaign, he's trying as hard as he can to repackage his old ideas that didn't work and pretend that they're new identifies and he's offering them up as >> welcome back to america's election headquarters, each candidate making his closing arguments. joining us knew anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace and brit hume. you've been monitoring these elections for decades. >> decades, you know, the second lincoln race, kind after surprise. (laughter) . >> megyn: your take on the close are arguments. they say that romney is trying to go big, chris. >> the first thing looking at them they're bone tired, you can just see the fatigue etched in both of their faces and hear it in obama's voice.
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as far as romney is concerned, yeah, i think he's trying to go big and basically saying, you face a big choice this year, you can continue on the path of barack obama and we know where that's going to take us or go in a very different way, some people will say he should have made it more of a choice election, because for months it was all a referendum on obama's stewardship of the economy and now a choice election, i think it's a good strong argument to finish the race. >> look who's got hope and change, it's not barack obama. he's spending the final hours this year, sound bites you played here suggested, that he's still attacking mitt romney. who sounds more like a president? perhaps romney. who sounds more like, you know, a guy on some sort of a, you know, small bore race, i think it's the president. and of course, there's the crowds which have been enormous for romney and surprising everybody, but one thing chris and i both learned a long time ago, covering these campaigns, in the final days, crowd size doesn't really tell you very much. george mcgovern, for example,
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on the way it a massive slaughter drew enormous crowds at the end of his race awalter mondale, lost 48 states. it tells you enthusiasm for who is for you, it doesn't tell you who the people are. >> megyn: one thing for romney, his pitch he could be a bipartisan president and work across the aisle and specifically saying about barack obama he's been divisive and not post partisan and the new york daily news not a right-leaning paper they endorsed romney for that very reason, saying he would be more of a bipartisan leader. effective? >> oh, i think it's an effective tool, particularly to independents and particularly to women, who are very tired of all of the partisan wrangling and want to see problems solved. and especially to independents and you would think swing voters, people who are still undecided. i think it's a very strong argument. now, obama will say it's not credible and that in fact,
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once he gets into office, that romney will be, i think he's said basically stamping the decisions of right wing of the republican party in congress, but it's a good, strong effective move on the part of romney as a closing argument. >> bret: we've talked a lot about bill clinton and how much president obama has relied on him in his campaigning and now they're playing the song "don't stop thinking about tomorrow" back from 1996. >> and back in the days when chris and i were both at abc news election night or one of the political nights and playing that song and peter jennings was anchoring and he said that was a song by jefferson airplane, david brinkley was next to him and i don't think that david brinkley had any more idea than peter jennings what song it was and got into brinkley's ear and said peter, that wasn't the jefferson airplane, that was fleet wood mac. (laughter) >> a great moment in the history of political
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journalism. >> and a great brinkley impression. >> how about clinton impression in the cookie jar. >> and we'll see new a little bit. later, what state officials in ohio are doing to ensure a free and fair election in a state that's had troubles in the past. >> megyn: next, the trajectory of the race in the final hours, charles krauthammer joins us live.
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>> so scary, and the closest i've ever felt to my own mortality, you know, and my children, a devastating night.
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>> bret: the northeast is still reeling from hurricane sandy in parts of new jersey and new york, the devastation is staggering, with fuel and power in short supply. 1.8 million homes and businesses across the northeast still in the dark. the finish line for the new york city marathon was disassembled with the race cancelled on friday. some who had planned to run instead took food and supplies to hard hit communities. >> megyn: officials also concerned about getting displaced voters to the polls on tuesday. with many sites shut down for lack of electricity. new jersey's allowing storm victims to vote by e-mail. some new york voters could be casting ballots in tents. to make matters worse, temperatures are expected to dip below freezing tomorrow with a nor'easter forecast to hit later in the week. that could bring frigid temperatures, strong winds and snow to some of the same spots hit so hard by sanity. >> bret: amazing people don't
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have homes here. charles krauthammer, a lot of people concerned in this area and what's happening. there's been a lot of talks about the politics of hurricane sandy. your thoughts of how this has potentially affected the race and how it may affect tuesday. >> i think it clearly has affected the race. we speculated about this from the beginning, on monday, now the numbers are in. if you looked at the race last monday before the storm, clearly romney was still on a roll and his momentum was diminishing, but enough to carry him over the finish line, had nothing intervened. well, something did intervene and it was a hurricane. and clearly, we see by the polls today, that it's had an effect. you look the at the national polls, rasmussen and others had romney ahead by three, four points. the beginning of last week. that's now zero, that's how a dead heat and the battle ground states been a bit of an edge for obama. clearly it's clear why.
8:24 pm
the commander gets to of play commander-in-chief and the bear hug by the chief of new jersey, famously pugnacious, bare hugging the cooperation, and which has been obama's weakness. you can't purchase that publicity and obama had it free for three days with romney shut out and i think it accounts for the race. and i think it wears off by today, tomorrow, and do you see the inadequacy of the government assistance and i think it washes out and in the last hours, you'll got a return of the romney momentum particularly because, as we heard from chris and brit, romney has gone large at the very end while obama remains small, negative, and sort of counter punching at a time when you'd expect him to play
8:25 pm
president. >> megyn: charles, on that front, president obama made a comment the other day saying, don't boo, they were booing mitt romney's name. he said go out and vote, voting is the best revenge. prompting mitt romney to put out an ad almost immediately and also to respond this way. listen. now we're clearly having trouble with the sound bite, but he went out and said, look, president obama wants you to vote for revenge. instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. your thoughts on that dichotomy in message as we go into the final days? >> i think that played right into the romney strategy of going large and show how small obama remains. always on the attack. now, to be fair, he was really quoting f. scott fitzgerald who said living well is the best revenge. but revenge is not a word you want to use in your closing argument and i think romney pounced on that extremely
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effectively. i think it's within six hours he had the ad out. what, why should you vote? obama says for revenge, i say for love of country. and that is the perfect contract of large, contrast of large versus small and i think it was a mistake obama will regret. >> bret: i think, charles, both campaigns tout newspaper endorsements all across the country and both campaigns have a long list. but the romney campaign has some interesting recent endorsements, especially in the state of ohio and the state of iowa. the des moines register, and now the new york daily news. >> and now, in wisconsin, where the wisconsin state journal, which is the second largest paper in the state, has in fact endorsed obama in '08 flipped. there's a study from the uc santa barbara that 11 people have switched, obama in '08, romney in 12, versus one that switched the other way.
8:27 pm
which, however you believe it, the paper's influence the electorate or not, it reflects what all of us know. we all know people who were for the republicans in '08 and who have not shifted. we know almost none who have shifted, but we know a lot of people who were for obama in '08 who have shifted and that's going to determine the election, how many of them are there? if there are three out of 53, romney wins. >> megyn: charles, thank you. >> bret: a live look now at president obama speaking in cincinnati, ohio, we're going to listen to a little bit of the president now. if you'd like to watch the entire event it's going to be streaming on, as we listen in here, the crowd is cheering four more years, the president speaking in cincinnati, a state, that both campaigns say will likely determine this election. we'll be right back. >> but on the east coast where we've seen our folks who are going through some incredible
8:28 pm
difficulties, there are those who have lost loved ones and you know, i had a chance to visit new jersey and talk to some of the families who have been affected and-- of (cheers) >> it's okay, guy. we're okay. but here --
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>> with a neck and neck race every vote will count. what many poll watchers want to avoid is a vote counting twice or not at all. eric shawn is live in cleveland, ohio looking at what some are doing to ensure that this is really a free and fair election, eric? >> reporter: that's right, megyn, called protecting the polls. in the efforts across the country to do just that, from federal, states and local election officials there are of course the lawyers, thousands of them from both political parties and campaigns and also the private groups. we caught up with one woman in cincinnati, she's a volunteer, here name is tina hollander braving the cold outside a polling place for hours and looking out for violations of election law or hanky-panky. the department of justice has observe
8:33 pm
observers, and train them to watch for voter fraud and intimidation and impression, they deny t the ohio voter integrity project, she says their goal is simply an honest election. >> once we lose confidence in the electoral process our democracy goes out the window. it's just as important that people are engaged and feel confident and for the people that say that voter fraud doesn't exist, i think those are the people that doan want us watching. >> the naacp and the lawyers committee for civil rights will also be watching out for any disenfranchisement. we want to make sure that we don't have election day bullies at polling places, that are targeting specific voters and potentially harassing intimidating them and making it difficult for them to be voting. >> the most important thing is to protect the polls. and if you vote and-- in all that we've done-- >> then there's the new black panther party, remember them,
8:34 pm
2008 they stood in front of a philadelphia polling place allegedly intimidating voters, one had a night stick. well, they vow to be back on tuesday, but under a federal decree, they cannot have a deadly weapon within 100 feet of a polling place. and our address voter fraud at fox news. >> megyn: thank you. >> bret: two words on everyone's mind before we start getting actual vote tallies on tuesday will be exit polls. my colleague martha mccallum will be all over these, a look at what we can expect on tuesday. >> hi there, bret. our exit poll team will see how they answer key questions as they're leaving polls across the country. first who they voted for and also why, and the why can be very telling, especially early in the evening. now, the questions like, is the u.s. economy getting better or worse? and who can better handle the
8:35 pm
economy, president obama or governor romney. now, we know that the economy is a key priority for almost every voter. so we're going to dig deeper behind that question and ask, what's the biggest economic issue for you? is it unemployment, is it taxes, tax reform perhaps, rising prices? we're also going to try to figure out if there was a quality or a trait that motivated that voter, was it the candidate's leadership qualities, empathy, perhaps, vision for the country, or strong values? now, we know that the answers to these questions are going to give us sort of a map. they will tell us something about where the night on tuesday night may actually be headed and then later in the evening, when we start making calls in the congressional races we're going to keep a running tally of how the numbers are adding up in the house and senate races. so right now, you've got democrats holding the senate, 51-47 with two independents. there are nine basically tossup states, we believe, in this senate races that could push the balance of power
8:36 pm
either way come january so we're going to watch states likes virginia, for example, george allen and tim kaine are in a tight race jim webb's seat and elizabeth warren and scott brown locked in a tight tossup. in a seat that he managed to get after ted kennedy left that vacant. in the house, the 47 sheeat majority and 33 races considered to be a tossup for the house. whoever wins the white house is going to have to deal with the balance of power and the hand they're dealt with. and we'll be watching that closely, bret. >> bret: martha, thank you. >> megyn: each team thinks they'll win, but experts are predicting a razor thin margin ever victory one way or the other. >> bret: our experts sort through the bluster and
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>> the battle ground states on which we've been focusing are not working out for them we're even or ahead in all of them and they're looking for somewhere,desperately somewhere to dislodge some electoral votes to win this election and that's not going to happen. >> governor romney
8:41 pm
consistently leads among independents because they've seen his message for creating 12 million jobs and real recovery in the middle class and an incumbent president running for the job since the day he elected raised and spent over 1 billion dollars and he's stuck well below 50 at 48, 47, 46 in all of these polls. >> megyn: officials from both campaigns offering very different narratives just 48 hours out. thanks for joining us for a special sunday night edition of america's election headquarters and want to bring in our panel now, brit hume our fox news senior analyst, chris wallace, is fox news sunday and steve hayes, and juan williams columnist for "the hill." we did a special program this afternoon and i was utterly confused looking at the polls. some polls showing the race is died up in pennsylvania, michigan and minnesota and those weren't really tossups those were considered blue. and then other polls showing
8:42 pm
obama pulling ahead in virginia and florida, which were supposed to be say, on the safer side for romney. how are the viewers suppose today make sense of these, juan? >> they're suppose today look at overall trajectory and what you see of course, we know that mitt romney had some momentum going especially after the first debate and what you can see is subsequent to that then, the polls have sort of, the momentum is stopping in the recent days seen some, really, increases in terms of president obama's lead, but now you're seeing these more recent polls you're referring to megyn and again, you have to look at which poll you're talking about, who are they talking to, talk to go likely voters, talking to registered voters, to people who have cell phones or not. and i think at this point it's more uncertainty and leads to uncertainties, inside the campaigns i can tell you right now, that the romney people are trying to expand that map and that's why you hear all of this talk about pennsylvania and michigan, for example, and the obama people are just
8:43 pm
trying to hold the line, basically have the lead. >> steve, i mean, there are two different worlds right now. i mean, you talk to campaign people in both campaigns and they could both tell you that they're going to be over 300 electoral votes. i mean, that's a different reality and someone is going to be really wrong wednesday morning. >> really wrong and i also think that that is the case in the country. you have followers, supporters of the two candidates who believe very strongly that their guy is going to win so i think that people are going to be genuinely surprised and upset. and just to pick up on what juan is saying, you can spend all day every day looking at the polls and monkey with the sampling and look at the national polls versus the state polls and at this point it's basically fair to say, it's a dead heat and the old cliche we've heard this now for years, it's all who turns out. and talk to the romney campaign and if the voters they expect to turn out on election day and expected all of this time actually show up at the polls, they firmly
8:44 pm
believe that they're going to win because president obama has not got the kind of early vote absentee vote advantage that he had in 2008. >> and brit, you can find pundits predicting landslides on both sides, but today michael barone came on and said you know him from the elections in the past and anchoring our coverage and projecting a romney landslide and the reason is, he says fundamentals usually prevail, the policies, the economy, and the independents are going to wind up pushing romney over the top big. >> that certainly fits with what has long been my theory about presidential politics, but if my theory were absolutely correct and 100% right, mitt romney wouldn't be ahead here he'd be well ahead. but he's not. and nearly all of these differences that we're talking about and nearly all of these polls are all within these poll margins of error, so, we don't really know what's happening out there. and the one thing that is striking, however, is something that juan touched on, which is in most of these polls in the battle ground states, obama's going better
8:45 pm
and he may not be doing better by much and could be in many of the polls actually romney is ahead because that's what the margin of error means. so, it really does, as the old cliche that steve touched on never thought i'd have to fall back on, it really does come down to turnout and we don't know which electorate will turn out. is it an electorate that turns out with a huge republican majority for romney, plus a distinct majority of the independents for romney that he still loses? it seems hard to believe, but possible. >> megyn you were talking the fact that the pollsters, experts, regular people are confused. i think the candidates and their campaigns are confused. i mean, the romney camp talked for a long time about the fact that they had florida and virginia in the bag. where is romney going tomorrow? florida and virginia. and that doesn't sound like a guy who thinks they're in the bag. on the other hand the obama camp said it's a desperate flailing around, fact that romney is going to pennsylvania tomorrow because he can't win ohio, guess what?
8:46 pm
we have a poll today that shows a dead heat in pennsylvania and as we reported earlier, bill clinton is going to make four stops in pennsylvania tomorrow. tell me who is bluffing, who is a serious? i don't know. >> megyn: i know, it drives me nuts. >> i don't think they know. >> that's good, now what? it's going to be an old-fashioned race and we're going to have to sit and you're going to tell us and the exit polls, we could be sitting there on election night at midnight, one, two in the morning and not know who our president is going to be. >> on the flip side, if things turn quickly and it's michael barone's type race, we could know perhaps early in the race, early in the night that things are going that way, if florida, virginia, and then we indications in ohio that it's going romney's way. >> or flip side pennsylvania. >> and the other way around. >> and pennsylvania. >> i want to talk about something charles krauthammer brought up, governor chris christie who today was asked by our own rick leventhal
8:47 pm
about his comments on president obama and the help that he's given in hurricane sandy. and here is the response that governor christy gave to rick. >> i endorsed mitt romney 13 months ago because i thought he was the best guy for the job and on tuesday i'm voting for mitt romney because i think he's the best guy for the job, but it doesn't mean that i can't turn to the president of the united states of america and say to him, thank you, sir, for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey and extend my hand of friendship to him. >> bret: juan? >> well, i think that was arguing what we know chris christie for, blunt, sometimes rude to people in terms of getting a message across when the hurricane is coming and get your blank off the beach and i think i just take him at his word. i don't doubt that chris christie thought that the president did a good job for the people of new jersey and that was his primary concern at that moment and not politics. >> megyn: steve, we have a lot of people here in the new york
8:48 pm
area and new jersey who are seriously suffering right now and the word on the street here was, what is anybody thanking anybody for? there are people literally waiting for food, for baby formula and so on on the streets of staten island and elsewhere, is that fraught with peril for governor christie or anybody else to be doling out the thanks or anything in the aftermath. yes, i think that's one of the reasons you saw president obama come back on the campaign trial ironically. i talked to a republican strategist when this first happened. if i were advising president obama i'd have him be president through the election, send out bill clinton and joe biden out and just be president. if he's president and presiding over what we're seeing with this continued suffering, delayed responses on basics, are people going to start blaming president? i think that's happening now even though the president is back off the campaign trail. >> thank you very much. >> megyn: thank you, we'll be back. still ahead, politics and football collide again.
8:49 pm
>> bret: oh, plus, how social media is playing in the 2012 race.
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>> well, social media has dominated in part this election cycle and fox news is partnering with twitter to monitor online reaction to the race. for a glimpse of what to expect tuesday night we turn to jenna lee. >> thanks, megyn, fox news is teaming up with the folks at twitter to see what you're saying about voting and the battle ground states and the election overall and twitter will keep track of breaking news, of the polls and candidates in swing states and give much of that information exclusively to fox and you're going to see at that here, for example, as a baseline let's
8:53 pm
look the at the activity the past 24 hours. 1.4 million election related tweets, more than 1500 tweets per minute. what are people talking about? that's what we're going to show you now. one of the top tweets, energy and environment, but remember that's listed very much by conversations about lines after superstorm sandy and the economy second. big jobs report key issue of the election and part of the conversation online regarding benghazi terror attack and then rounding out the top five, education and terrorism. remember, traffic will spike dramatically as we get closer to the election. election related events have consistently been among the most talked about events on twitter. the number one event so far this year was the first presidential debate nearly doubled the peak moment of olympic competition, that gives a context, you can see politics on the top here. 158,000 tweets per minute for the debate and you compare that to what happened during
8:54 pm
the olympics, only 80,000 tweets per minute when bolt took gold in the olympics and there's a comparison there. politics really outweighing some sports here. here is a benchmark to think about on tuesday, the previous record for politics was the first debate 10 million total tweets. we could easily break that record on tuesday, lots of reason to join us on fox and have the breaking news on twitter and issues getting buzzed on swing states. >> go to fox news live for complete online and social media coverage on tuesday night. we'll see you there. back to you megyn. >> megyn: thanks, you can follow me and bret on twitter. @megyn kelly and@bret baier and our parents had the spellings. and stay tuned, for the
8:55 pm
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8:57 pm
8:58 pm
>> we are down to the wire in this presidential election. is it possible we already know the outcome? >> no. >> the so-called redskins rule already determines the victor. it haze the washington nfl football team wins the final game before the presidential election the party in power retains the white house. if the team loses the challenger comes out on top. since 1940 that rule has proven true with only one exception that was in 2004 when the redskins lost two-days prior. today they lost. is that a bad omen for president obama? we will know tuesday whether the
8:59 pm
rule holds? >> you can't say it is a rule if it was broken in 2004. it was in place until it was no more. >> the octopus already predicts the race. >> we will have that for you between now and tuesday. >> exciting. it's harry. thank you for joining us for our special sunday night edition of "america's election headquarters." tune in tomorrow 1:00 p.m. for america live and the last day of campaigning ahead of election day. it's the candidate's last chance to secure a victory and get the people to the polls. karl rove and joe trip pee will be giving their predictions of who will be getting the magic number of 270 no tossup states. >> brett and i along with panel will be here for special coverage tuesday beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern


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